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Hinge Cylinder

Hinges are a type of bearings that connect two solid objects. Usually, the objects are connected by uPVC door hinges that are relative to each other about a fixed axis of rotation. An ideal hinge is manufactured of flexible material or moving components. There are three types of hinges available in the market:

Flag Hinges: Flag hinges are popular on newer doors. They allow you to make lateral, height, and compression adjustments. The compression adjustment helps the door to move closer or away from the door jamb.

Butt Hinges: These offer either lateral adjustment only or no adjustments at all. Butt hinges are usually found on older doors.

T-hinges: These hinges allow only making height and lateral adjustments.

Our high quality hinges are suitable for most of the uPVC double glazed doors. Hinges also find usage in uPVC windows specifically casement windows. The hinges make the windows tamper resistant and give a beautiful exterior sightline. Mozart Turkey offers an extensive range of uPVC door hinges at a reasonable rate to add a touch of class to any home.

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