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Difference between Casement and Sliding Windows

Replacing the upvc windows of your home not only improve the appearance but also make your home more energy-efficient. This feature helps in maintaining cooler temperature during summers and a warmer one during winters. If you are planning for replacement of the windows of your home or office space, you can choose from a wide assortment of option. Some of the window designs can be easily installed into an existing window opening. Let us take you through the features of casement and sliding windows and the difference between these two window designs.

The casement windows and sliding windows are both great options for any home, but there are some differences between the two. Choose the perfect window style as per your requirement.

Physical Difference: The dimensions of the window opening will influence your decision while looking for window replacement. The crank windows popularly known as casement windows are often chosen for tall and narrow window openings. These windows are attached to the side of the window frame and swing outward. The casement windows are opened and closed using a crank, handle or lever. While sliding windows open sideways, with one pane sliding over the other and are wider than their height.

Window Ventilation: The passage of air through the window openings depend on how each window type is built. Most of the casement windows open completely and allows a good amount of air to pass through the opening. While in sliding windows half of the window space is overlapping or closed offering less ventilation.

Energy Efficiency: Both the windows are energy efficient; however there is a difference between the two options. Since a casement window seal is not flexible by design this is more energy efficient than the sliding window.
The space you have for fixing, your replacement window will help you determine the type of replacement window you need. Make sure to purchase from one of the popular sliding and casement windows manufacturers who offer high quality products. Mozart Turkey provides its clients with a wide range of window designs with custom options at an affordable price. Add value to your home or office space with an elegant and classy window design.

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